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One Year Contract 

*New Contract term is a minimum of 12 months.

*Payments must be set up using a debit or credit card.

*Annual dues paid in full includes 10% monthly discount.


Standard Rates        

Family- $45.00/month (up to 5 people) $9.00 for each additional household family member

Individual- $30.00/month

Senior (55+)- $25.00/month

Military/Student- $25.00/month

24-hour Access to Fitness Wing included with all memberships

Baller Pass/Pickle Ball- $20.00/month *this only allows access to the gymnasium

Corporate Rates

Family- $40.50/month (up to 5 people) $9.00 for each additional household family member

Individual- $27.00/month

Senior (55+)- $22.50/month

24-hour Access to Fitness Wing included with all memberships

*Call to see if your employer participates in our Corporate Wellness Program

*Call if you are an employer that would like more information about the Corporate Wellness Program

Day passes are also available for $5.00 a day during normal business hours!

Corporate Rates

Membership Orientation

Our wellness team offers free orientation classes and tours to new Spring River Wellness Center members.  We are here to introduce you to our facilities and work out equipment.  Our team provides individual and group tours of the Wellness Center helping new members feel acclimated to their new workout environment. Our goal is to help members understand their fitness options, conditions, and all that our facility has to offer all while allowing new members to work out in a comfortable and healthy environment.  Contact us today to set up your personalized tour!

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Membership Orientation

Single Session 60 minutes         $27.50
Single Session  30 minutes        $16.00
3 pack 60 minutes each             $79.50
3 pack 30 minutes each             $45.00
3 month written program            $150.00

Personal Training

Spring River Wellness Center provides experienced personal training opportunities for clients at all fitness levels. Receive an individualized exercise program to help you reach your personal fitness and health goals.

Personal Training

A Word from Addison Miller, Wellness Director!

I started my fitness journey about 5 years ago when I started having some medical issues and knew I needed to start living a healthier lifestyle.  I had graduated from high school a year before and went from being active all year with sports to doing nothing but working.  I didn’t know much about exercising regularly or eating healthy so I started researching on my own and learning all that I could.  I fell in love with the gym and learned how much I enjoyed pushing myself harder than I thought I was capable of.  I realized that I wanted to be the person that someone could come to for help and not have to figure it out on their own. 

I have my Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and I am also a Certified Nutrition Coach through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I love educating individuals on how to live a healthy lifestyle and provide them with motivation so they know they are not alone in their journey!

Give Spring River Wellness a call today to get started with Addison on your personal training or nutrition coaching adventure!


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