Cardio Yoga *NEW CLASS*  Cardio Yoga is a fusion of fitness and yoga. You’ll experience the benefits of a sweaty cardiovascular workout-with some traditional yogic postures. Be prepared to dive deep into your breath, thoughts and emotions. THIS is the YOGA part of class-the philosophy. We call it the next dimension of fitness because it goes much deeper than your physical body-it’s an opportunity for you to strategize with your emotions and become a healthier version of yourself.

Low Impact  No jumping, no jacks and no running? What? Low impact 30 minute class that strengthens the entire body, improves flexibility while still making you sweat! All exercises can be done from a seated position. Great for all ages and fitness levels!

Step Interval  Ready to meet your fitness goals? Join Step Interval! This class features interval training on and off the step with a combination of moderate effort, strength training drills and moderate cardio activity. Each class period the instructor may alter the drills and workout set to challenge your fitness and keep you moving!

Strength & Tone  Get ready for a full body workout! Strength & Tone offers a combination of cardio, toning and muscle development that will help you reach your fitness goals!

Cardio Fit  Join us to help boost stamina, muscle strength and endurance through circuit training! The instructor will provide a variety on a regular basis to keep you and your muscle groups engaged!

Yoga  Get fit and focused with yoga! You will learn the postures and practices of yoga in a supportive and encouraging environment. The focus changes weekly with a different set of postures, allowing you to experience and learn specifically about their alignment and benefits. Beginner to intermediate experience. All poses can be modified to accommodate individual needs or preferences. Everyone is welcome!

Basics 101  Are you new to fitness and don't know where to start? Are you bored with your routine and looking for new ideas? Basics 101 is an hour long class that focuses on education and building the proper foundation for health and exercise. You will learn proper exercises to train the whole body, gain strength, AND confidence in the movements you are performing.

Spin Express  Spin Express is the perfect afternoon sweat session you NEED! A jam packed 30 minutes of intervals, rolling hills, sprints, climbs, runs, surges and jumps all to music hand-picked to motivate and inspire! This is a great workout if you want to burn calories and increase endurance. Come on in for the ride!

Barre Above  Barre Above is a fusion of ballet, yoga, pilates and strength training! Barre is a muscular endurance program that will improve your strength, posture, balance, core stability and flexibility; all while being LOW IMPACT! Barre Above is truly a class for ALL fitness levels and ALL bodies! This class is functional by design and allows you to train "smarter" NOT "harder."

Cardio Kickboxing  A fun, high energy 30 minute class that features boxing and kickboxing moves to great high energy music! It is a whole body workout that increases cardio, strength and coordination. Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels! (featured during specific months, please check the class schedule)

Spin and Strength 90's Edition  Workout to popular 80's and 90's music in this 30 minute interval class. Start off with a short spin routine before moving on to arms and abs. Then sprinting to the finish line. You control the intensity of the class by adding resistance to the bike and by how fast you pedal. Come pedal to the music and sing along! (featured during specific months, please check the class schedule)

Express Bootcamp  Don't be afraid! This 30 minute class is for beginners to advance levels with modifications provided for each level of fitness. This workout tones the entire body with cardio moves, ab workout and strength exercises with weights and/or bands.

Zumba Express  Get your blood pumping and your feet moving with this 30 minute Zumba class featuring Latin and Pop music! Various fitness moves incorporated into the routines and there is ALWAYS a squat song! Can't dance? No worries, physical gestures and hand cues are provided so you know what your next move is. Appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.

Zumba Step  Combines the dance moves of Zumba and cardio step of aerobics into a fast paced class guaranteed to make you sweat and have fun while jamming to great music! Variations and modifications for all ages. Routines can also be done without a step if needed.

Class Descriptions 

All classes are included with your paid membership!


​Monday-Thursday - 6am - 7pm

Friday -  6am - 5pm 
Saturday -  8am - 12pm 
Sunday - Closed

24 Hr Access is available.



 6524 SE Quakervale Rd.
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