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Class Descriptions 

All classes are included with your paid membership!


Barre is a fusion of ballet, yoga, pilates and strength training! Barre is a muscular endurance program that will improve your strength, posture, balance, core stability and flexibility; all while being LOW IMPACT! Barre Above is truly a class for ALL fitness levels and ALL bodies! This class is functional by design and allows you to train "smarter" NOT "harder."

Cardio Fit

Your instructor will have your heart rate up while you move through a variety of different movements at your own pace.  A high intensity workout that can be both high impact and low impact depending on your specific needs! Come get a great workout in and burn some extra calories during this fun workout!  

Cycling & Strength

Cycling and Strength is a 30 minute interval class incorporating stationary spin bikes and dumbbells! Start off with a short spin routine before moving on a circuit of strength movements. You control the intensity of the class by adding resistance to the bike and by how fast you pedal. This class is will make you break a sweat! 

Step Interval 

Ready to meet your fitness goals? Join Step Interval! This class features interval training on and off the step with a combination of moderate effort, strength training drills and moderate cardio activity. Each class period the instructor may alter the drills and workout set to challenge your fitness and keep you moving!

Strength & Tone  

Get ready for a full body workout! Strength & Tone offers a combination of cardio, toning and muscle development that will help you reach your fitness goals!


Get fit and focused with yoga! You will learn the postures and practices of yoga in a supportive and encouraging environment. The focus changes weekly with a different set of postures, allowing you to experience and learn specifically about their alignment and benefits. Beginner to intermediate experience. All poses can be modified to accommodate individual needs or preferences. Everyone is welcome!

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