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Spring River Wellness Center is excited to host our first Spring River Summer Retreat this July! This program is for kids ages 6-12 to come to the Wellness Center three times a week for two weeks to participate in fun activities.

The children will be split into two groups.

Group A will be children ages 6-8 and will attend July 3rd-July 14th every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am-11:00am.

Group B will be children ages 9-12 and will attend July 17th-July 28th.

Each group has a maximum of 20 children.


Registration fee is $45 for two weeks and $30 for one week! Each child attending will receive a Spring River Summer Retreat shirt, and a drawstring bag. They will also get a drink and snack each day.

To register your child from Group A please follow this link: 

To register your child from Group B, please follow this link: 

The registration fee must be paid prior to child attending the retreat. Payments can be made at the front desk at Spring River Wellness Center. Liability, and social media release forms will also need to be filled out prior to child participating in any activities. 

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